I am planning to move to i.ph.

And yes, after some deliberation, I have come to the decision to move.

To all my linkies, please change your links to:


I will not delete this blog, btw.=) It holds many memories that I can go back to after some time. I’m really sorry for the trouble. I hope everyone can be good with my i.ph.=)


Una sa lahat, gusto kitang batiin ng Happy Retreat! Last retreat niyo na ito sa school mo kaya sana gawin mo itong masaya.

Isa ka sa mga taong napaka-importanteng tao na aking nakilala. Matagal na kitang kilala, panahon pa ng mga mamumundok ng Tralala. Panahon na ligal pa ang SPAM-ming. Natutuwa ako dahil hanggang sa ngayon, kaibigan pa rin kita.

Kahit hindi pa kita nakikita, alam kong nakita mo na ako noong nag-exam tayo sa La Salle. Madaya ka. Hindi ka nanghiram ng pencil. Alam mo bang humiram pa ako ng pencil sa ibang tao. Nakakahiya.

Sa pag-alis natin sa kinaroroonan natin ngayon, sa ating pag-graduate, sana ay hindi tayo magkalimutan. Kahit hindi mo na ako nakaka-usap(nag-usap na ba tayo?!), nakaka-chat, o nakaka-text,wag mong kakalimutan na lagi akong andito para makinig sa iyong mga hinaing.

Isa kang masayang kaibigan. Naalala ko ang Beach Thread. Pero wag nang ikwento kasi minamadali mo ako.

Salamat sa mga payong nabigay mo sa akin. Sorry kung minsan ay nasaktan kita. Salamat sa pagiging kaibigan. Walang iwanan ah!

Muli, Happy Retreat! God Bless! Take Care!

I still have nothing to write. And it took me practically minutes to post again. I feel like I wanted to write something, but I still can’t.

As you all know(and of course you know! I’m saying this over and over again), I am about to graduate. After four years of hardwork, sleepless nights, friendships, and heartaches, finally! All of my them are paying off. I don’t really want to go. I don’t really want to say good-bye to all the friends I had, to all the enemies I had encountered and to all the moments I had shared with them. Sometimes, I even wanted to stop time and go back again. Everything. I want to experience them again. I don’t want everything to be over. I am not finished yet. I want to be with them again.

People keep on telling me to move on. To change. But why even bother? I survived my last year at school without actually bonding with them. There are a lot of people there that I haven’t even talked to. On our retreat, I never cried because of them. I never actually cried during that retreat. I always thought that I have better things to do. Sometimes, I realize that I never really cared for them. All I did(subject is “all I did”, making it singular) is for the benefit for myself. I was selfish. During those times, I am.

It was hard for me to accept the fact that I am now in a different place, a different time, and a totally different scenario. I can never bring everything back. Everything changes. And yet, I stay the same.

Now I realize how pathetic I am. Although I never thought that I wasted my Fourth Year, I know I screwed up. I failed. I messed up everything. But as I said earlier, I can never bring everything back. I’ll try to be the person who everyone wants to me to be. The person that I don’t like. The person who’ll live his last days a lie, perhaps. I will try to change. I will try to embrace the facts. Or will I?

This is me. This is my story. Everything I left behind, all I did for myself. I keep on running and running. I always stumble, I always fall. But I still keep on running. Even how ridiculous the barrier I’ll go through, I will always find a way. Even if the choices I made, I am making, and I have to make is wrong.

I will never forget the fool I was. I will never forget the fool I’ve been.

I’m trying to make up to the days I haven’t posted something.

*After an Hour*

Ooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyyy… so I am back to this tab.

What to write? Unh.

My head is empty right now.

Lemme see here, i’ll check some fan mails…

Oops. I don’t have fan mails. Heck, I don’t even have fans.

Well, uhhm.. I just woke up. 3 in the afternoon. Typical day. Tomorrow will be the start of the graduation practices.. definitely I will come… or will I?

Haha. Anyway, i’m pretty bored actually… I don’t want to play FFXII right now..

Well, I wanted to! But still, I don’t.

SO bored. So bored.

Nyahaha. This post is pretty much useless.



OMG. Are you thinking that Jesmon is already dead?
Sadly, i’m not.

Mwahaha. I’m still here. WordPress is just too slow.

What am I up to as of now?

1.) The start of Graduation Practices.
2.) Reading two (2) Ebooks.
3.) Trying to finish FFXII.
4.) Missing my globe phone.
5.) Trying to fix my room.

Mwahaha. That’s all! I am about to graduate and I will be at UST next year.=)

So, hanggang sa susunod na post.=)

I have four more requirements to pass before i end this year. My Math Portfolio, English Portfolio, MAPEH Portfolio and Filipino Portfolio. As you can see, all of them are portfolios.. and you all know what that means! More sleepless nights! Wee!

The Portfolios for Math and English is due this Thursday. Ugh. I am actually making them right now, and yes, it is backbreaking. Huhu.=(

I hope I can finish all of them tonight to avoid cramming. I don’t want to cram but I must watch HEROES later at 9pm.

That is all for today.=)

Whew! I was too busy that I haven’t written down anything here. I also had forgotten to talk about our EntreFair. Well, A lot of things had happened and I believe I must write again.

Memoirs of A Geisha premiered last Sunday on HBO. Well, I don’t really know why I wanted to watch this movie in the first place but I believe it is because of this one:
When we were on the plane going to Australia last 2006, this movie is being shown in one of the channels (aside from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I watched there for more than a million times). I figured then that the story was not interesting and all.

A week before the screening, I was browsing thru the channels and I saw the movie’s trailer. I think that convinced me to watch it.

Finally, that day arrived and *phew*!

The movie narrates a story of a geisha (as the movie said, “an artist who doesn’t sell her body, but sells her talent”) and all that has happened to her, hence the title.)

Anyway, I have watched it a couple of times and I am officially recommending it to everyone. This movie is so great, specially how the actors and actresses, uhm… act. And Zhang Ziyi is soooo beautiful! :O

As HBO describes, Memoirs of A Geisha is about love, friendship and betrayal.

BTW, this movie came from the bestselling novel of the same name. You can also buy the book if you want to (I’m planning on reading the novel).

I gotta go, I have to finish my Portfolio in AP! ToT.

Zhang Ziyi, Pray for us.